The curriculum designed, ensured an effective and cognitive education. The students are given strong foundation for future development. Our school has set higher educational standards for students. For this reason we have adopted the samacheer curriculum for our Vanians.

To offer quality education, weekly and periodically tests are given to provide intensive preparations for future exams. The parents are encouraged to discuss the progress of their children with the class teacher on the scheduled timings.

The curriculum is also flexible enough to provide explore and encourage the values. The method of teaching shall seek to incorporate the best pedagogical methods. Striving to excite and enthuse each student with the love of learning as a life – time challenge.

The present curriculum includes Languages (Tamil & English), Mathematics, Science, Social science, Computer literacy, Value education, Physical education, Life skills and Career guidelines etc….

The groups offered for std XI & XII (Tamil and English medium)

             Science group - Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
                                          Physics, Chemistry, Computer science and Mathematics.
                                          Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

             Arts group -      Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Applications.
                                         Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Business Maths.



Please check your child's daily homework, Lesson Notebooks, Hand writing Notebooks and Test Note books regularly. Put your sign daily in the diary and you can also send your communication through it. - Principal

👉 The institution has its uniform and all the students should wear only the uniform.

👉 Parents are requested not to send Non-Vegetarian food with their children to school.

👉 Leave of absence from the school must to obtain previously in writing.

👉 Books, Note Books, Tiffin Carriers and other articles should bear the pupil's name.

👉 Irregular attendance, habitual late coming, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect to teachers would result in dismissal.

👉 Pupils are not allowed to meet the parents or to leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.

👉 Please look to your child's diary regularly and help him/her to do better.

👉 All correspondence from the parents to the school should be made to the Principal only and not to the class teachers.

👉 Attendance on the re-opening day is compulsory.

👉 Only English should be spoken within the school premises.

👉 Only 30students in a section.
👉 Private tuition is not encouraged. Private tuitions should not be engaged without prior permission of the Principal.
👉 Parents are expected to go through the reports of their children given by the school from time to time

L.K.G. to XII Std : 9.00 a.m. to 4.10 p.m.
Lunch Break : 12.10 Noon to 12.50 p.m

School Uniform
L.K.G to V Std Grey colour striped shirt and Grey colour half-pants.
VI Std to X Std Grey colour striped shirt and Grey Colour Full-pants. Monday : House uniform (LKG to IX std only)
XI and XII Std Light yellow checked shirt and yellow colour full-pants.
L.K.G toV Std Light yellow checked shirt and yellow colour full-pants.Grey colour striped shirt and Grey colour Pinafore with Black ribbons.
VI Std to X Std Grey colour striped salwar with grey colour coat and grey colour pant with black ribbons. Monday: House uniform (LKG to IX std only)
Xl and XII Std Light yellow colour striped salwar with Yellow colour coat and pant.
LKG to VIII std Black Shoes and blue socks.
I to VIII On Monday pupil should wear white shoes & socks.


A hand written application by the Parent / Guardian should be given for the Transfer Certificate, it shall not be not be issued unless all dues of the school have been paid in full. T.C. will be issued after one week from the receipt of application.


The school starts at 9.00 a.m. and children should be at school 10 minutes before. Regular attendance benefits the education of the child. Absence except on health grounds is forbidden. Prior sanction should be obtained for availing leave from the Principal. Parents should see that their children do not remain absent except under unavoidable circumstances as it badly hampers the progress of the pupil. Parents should send leave note for absence for their children.

A Student suffering from infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the school. Irregular attendance and habitual absence will result in dismissal from the school.

A pupil is liable for detention if his or her attendance falls short of 90% during the academic year.